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Running WordPress without a server


Adam Zieliński

Together with Adam Zieliński, we'll dive into WordPress Playground, a solution that lets you run WordPress without a server, but directly in your browser.

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What is DevRel with Marc Backes

Together with Marc Backes, we'll discuss what is DevRel, do companies really need it and what are the biggest challenges related to this work.


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Learn using Alpine.js with Joey Farruggio

Together with Joey Farruggio, we'll dive into Alpine.js and show you how to create a coffee-ordering app.

JavaScript Alpine.js

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Learn Qwik with Giorgio Boa

Together with Giorgio Boa, we'll dive into the world of Qwik, Resumability and blazing-fast websites.


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Learn how to build themes in Astro with Elian Van Cutsem

Together with Elian we'll show how to build modern themes for Astro. You'll see that thanks to Astro building fast and performant websites is really simple.

Astro JavaScript

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Lear how to test your app using with Ramona Schwering

Ramona and I will explore the realm of end-to-end testing using Our discussion will cover the basics of getting started with and the reasons why it should be an essential tool in your daily testing toolkit.

Testing Development

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